Beginning Christian Life Studies

The Beginning Christian Life Studies are conducted four times a year at Holy Light Church (English) beginning in January, April, August and October. This course is suitable for people who wants to know about Christianity, young  Christians and is mandatory for those seeking to be baptised in the church.

The course facilitators are Rev. Raymond Ho, Rev. Gan Kim Choon, Elder Dr Koh and Elder Lee Kim Chai.


Intimacy with God: Prayer Retreat

This 8 weeks prayer retreat is run on a regular basis depending on demand and usually during Lent.

Facilitator: Dr Alex Tang


Seminars/Courses on Spiritual Formation and Christian Spirituality

These may be tailored to the needs of various churches. The goal is to help participants deepen their spiritual walk with God.

  • Spiritual Formation and Transformation: A Journey in Christ to Christ
  • Understanding Christian Spirituality
  • Worship
  • The Times and Theology of St. Paul
  • Nurturing Spiritual Formation in Churches
  • Sacred Companions on the Way: Mentoring

Facilitator: Dr Alex Tang


Spiritual Formation for Leaders

Session 1: Understanding Spiritual Formation and Transformation

Session 2: Dynamic Process – Singing our Songs (kerygma)

Session 3: Dynamic Process -Experiencing God (pisteuo)

Session 4: Dynamic Process -Incarnational Living (diakonia)

Session 5: Dynamic Process -Liturgical Worship (leiturgia)

Session 6: Dynamic Process -Oneness in Community (koinonia)

Session 7: Dynamic Process -Transformational Learning (didache)

Session 8: Spiritual Formation for SHALOM

Retreat option

This is a guided spiritual journey as we travel together to discover the many Christian spiritual formation processes in our tradition and our lives. It is not intended for Church leaders only but for anyone who desires to deepen his or her love for God and for others. Everyone is a leader in Kingdom terminology. This will involve identifying the formative and transformative elements in our lives and our faith communities. It will also involve the practice of many spiritual disciplines; some old and some new.

Facilitator: Dr Alex Tang



Spiritual retreats are time for rest, for discernment, and for spiritual growth. These evangelical retreats are specially designed with the participants in view. It may be for a weekend, 3-5 days, one or two weeks in duration.

Facilitator: Dr Alex Tang