Citizenship in Digital Spaces

SFI seminar on Citizens in Digital Spaces

Citizenship in Digital Spaces: Challenges and Choices

Date      :                      2.00pm- 9.30pm, Saturday 22 Sept 2012


Place     :                      Berea, Holy Light Church, 11-C, Jalan Gertak Merah,
Johor Bahru

Programme:                  2.30-4.00pm

Session One: Understanding The Digital Communications
Revolution (Dr Calvin Chong)


Session Two: Trapped in Cyberspace: Internet Addiction
(Mr Ray Chua)


Session Three: Platforms and Resources to Engage the Digital Generation (Dr Calvin Chong)



Dr Calvin Chong is Associate Professor, Educational Studies at Singapore Bible College.  His areas of teaching and research interests include hermeneutics, orality and storytelling, design learning, and digital technologies in education.  He also serves on the Central Council of the Evangelical Fellowship of Singapore, the Theological Advisory Board of the Graduate Christian Fellowship, and is a Global Advisory Partner with RBC Ministries.


Ray Chua is a psychologist at National University Health Systems. He is currently working to bring the Cyber Health & Internet Programme to secondary schools in Singapore. He was formerly Assistant Manager (Counselling/R&D) at TOUCH Cyber Wellness (TCW). He led the development of cyberwellness education materials used in schools and led the counselling team to help youths overcome cyber-related problems. He was also involved in the cyberwellness training of students, teachers, counsellors and parents at 22 schools, organizations and churches. He has a honors degree in psychology and his research focused on cognitive-behavioral factors influencing excessive gaming. He is married with two daughters in primary school. He is currently serving as Honorary Treasurer on the church council of Geylang Evangelical Free Church where he had worshipped for the past 21 years.

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