The journey in Christ to Christ

Christian Spiritual Formation

                 -The journey in Christ to Christ

What is the Christian spiritual life or spiritual formation? How can we grow spiritually in the midst of increasing demands of family and work, the busyness of life and in the loud jarring noise of contemporary culture? Deep within us, many of us feel dissatisfaction with our spiritual life, longing to connect more intimately with God and achieve a balance in our personal life, church and workplace/home/school. The Spiritual Formation Institute was started in 2003 with a seminar on Christian Spirituality by Dr Alex Tang. Come and join him eight years later with this anniversary seminar to revisit Christian Spirituality in the context of Christian spiritual formation.

Date      :            2.00pm- 9.30pm, Saturday 12 November 2011   

Place     :             Berea, Holy Light Church, Johor Bahru


 Session 1 : The Mind of Christian Spiritual Formation

What are Christian spiritual formation, Christian education and discipleship? This session defines these terms and gives a biblical and theological basis for them.

Session 2 : The Heart of Christian Spiritual Formation

What drives our spiritual life and growth? This session give insight into the drives and motivations of Christian spiritual formation.

Session 3 : The Soul of Christian Spiritual Formation

How is spiritual formation worked out in our personal life, workplace, family and church? This session deals with spiritual formation and the Kingdom of God.


Dr Alex Tang is a senior consultant paediatrician in a private hospital and a practical theologian with a deep interest in the spiritual life. His PhD research is on spiritual formation in congregations. He is a spiritual director, Bible teacher, preacher, blogger, socialmediorater (facebook, twitter), avid reader, cultural observer, lousy poet, and a fanatical Trekkie. Alex is the author of many books and his latest publication is Tales from the Monastery (2011). Check out his websiteKairos Spiritual Formation <> and his blog <>.

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