The Challenge of Ministry to Children

SFI Seminar 2011/3


What is the ROI* of a child in church

      -The Challenge of Ministry to Children

Date       :            2.00pm- 9.30pm, Saturday 20 August 2011

Place       :             Berea, Holy Light Church, Johor Bahru


Session 1: Children’s Church or Sunday School – What’s in a Name?

We will look at the characteristics of a teacher as well as the reasons for Christian education programmes in church.

Session 2: Classroom Management and Curriculum Development

We will look at how we handle God’s truth and apply it to the church setting for children of different ages.

Session 3: Hands-on lesson preparation and delivery

We will look at an actual Bible passage and look at the different methods used for the child to learn the Bible truth.


Mona Lee Chia was born in Malaysia, became a Christian in England and returned to work in Singapore.  She is married to Rev Christopher Chia and they have two grown-up children, Han Shen and Han Mae. She has been involved in Children’s ministry for more than 25 years and has been serving in Adam Road Presbyterian Centre since 1990.  Seeing children grow into strong adult Christian leaders is the fruit that keeps the passion strong.

*ROI – return of investment

Glimpses of the seminar

SFIsem_Mona 003 SFIsem_Mona 002 SFIsem_Mona 001

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