SFI April Seminar

30 April 2016

Missional Spirituality


Dr Tan Kang San

PhD (Aberdeen University, UK)

DMin (Trinity International University, USA)

Master in Old Testament (Regent Colllege, Canada)

Executive Director of AsiaCMS Berhad

Consultant – World Evangelical Alliance

Senior Advisor – Lausanne Movement on Buddhism


Spiritual Formation Institute Seminar 2016/2

Missional Spirituality

Dates : Saturday 30th April, 2016 from 9.00am to 2.30pm

Venue : Berea, 11-C, Jalan Gertak Merah, 80100, Johor Baru

Cost : RM20 inclusive of refreshment, lunch and seminar materials.

Contact: tel: 607-2253014 email: berea@hlce.org.my
Please register with Sister Grace Soon. Places are limited.


Mission spirituality is the experience of God, lived as Christ centred persons in community, through the power of the Holy Spirit for witness and service, as we participate in God’s mission of transforming the whole creation.

In this seminar, we will introduce the concepts of “Five Marks of Mission” and “Mission Spirituality” and explore how missional spirituality and lifestyles can contribute to the growth of God’s kingdom over every aspect of family, local church and Asian society. We will conclude with the biblical concept of “prophetic leadership” that enable local churches to engage with some of the challenges in Malaysian society today.

The seminar is designed for Christians interested in how to “live the abundant life” (John 10:10) through skillful means (Ecclesiastes 10:10), which result in a more wholesome discipleship in non Christian contexts.



Tan Kang San is the Resident Trainer and Chair of Asia Gateway. He is also the Executive Director for AsiaCMS, a training network of Asian mission movements. Formerly, Kang San was Head of Mission Studies at Redcliffe College, UK and Director for Mission Research with OMF International. (1990-2010). Kang San obtained his Doctor of Ministry in Missiology from Trinity International University, USA, and his PhD in the area of theology of religions at Aberdeen University. His writings and research areas include Cross Cultural Theology, Interfaith Encounters and Asian Studies. He is Consultant for World Evangelical Alliance on Interfaith Issues, and Senior Advisor for Lausanne Movement on Buddhism. tan.kang-san@asiacms.net

Lee Loun Ling is the Acting Dean of Asia Gateway and the Training Director for AsiaCMS. Formerly, she was Lecturer and Director for Asian Studies at Redcliffe College, UK, specialising on Chinese Peoples and Worldviews. Previous to that, she spent five years as a pastor at Grace Singapore Chinese Church and 19 years with OMF as China Co-ordinator, mission mobiliser and trainer. lee.lounling@asiacms.net


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