SFI Oct Seminar


SFI Seminar 2016/3


         Shaping the Future: Christian Engagement in the Public Sphere


Date      :                             9.30am- 2.30pm, Saturday 22 October 2016

Place     :                              Berea, Holy Light Church (English),

                                             Jalan Gertak Merah, 80100 Johor Baru


Shaping the Future: Christian Engagement in the Public Sphere


In recent years, ethnoreligious controversies have dominated the public consciousness of Malaysians. These controversies often bring to surface difficult questions around the role of religion in the public sphere and also the instrumentalization of religion in the political arena. Furthermore, there are wider socio-cultural and political currents that religious communities cannot ignore. How can we self-critically reflect on our current actions thus far? What are the challenges and opportunities we can anticipate in the near future? What should a Christian response be in the challenging times we live in?

In this seminar, we will revisit key episodes in the Malaysian context such as the Allah Controversy, the Bersih Movement, and new developments in interreligious relations. Drawing on biblical and theological perspectives, we further aim to collectively and prayerfully discern what are the possible ways forward that will contribute to a faithful Christian witness in a Muslim-majority and multi-religious society.


Rev. Dr. Sivin Kit is a pastor from the Lutheran Church in Malaysia (LCM) and an alumnus of Seminari Theoloji Malaysia (STM). Previously, he served as assistant pastor for youth and worship at Christ Lutheran Church, Setapak (1997-2000), and later as the founding pastor of Bangsar Lutheran Church (2000-2011). Besides pastoral ministry, he also has been active in civil society, inter-religious engagement, and public discussion in the Malaysian new media scene. In December 2014, He completed his PhD in Religion, Ethics, and Society with the University of Agder, Norway. Since January 2015, he has joined the faculty of Seminari Theoloji Malaysia (STM) as a lecturer in Contextual Theology and Sociology of Religion. He also serves as the director of the Institute of World Religions (IWR) and the lead pastor of Bangsar Lutheran Church. He is married to May Chin, and together they have four children.

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